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Family Bibles in Special Collections

Family Name Location Family Date Ranges Family Location
Ball BS 185.1793.L6 (1X) 1804–1859 Berkeley County, South Carolina
Bickley BS 188.A3.1885.B5 1867–1928 Scott County, Virginia
Budden Acc. No. 52484 1666–1677 London, England
Burwell BS 185.1739.09 (2X) 1738–1946 James Cityand Clark Counties, Virginia
Greenhow BX 5145.A4.1766 1736–1821 Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia
Nelson BS 185.1762.C.38 v.2 (1X) 1736–1804 Yorktown, Virginia
Robert Nicholson BS 185.1706.L6 1806 Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia
Prentis BS 196.A1.1790.L66 1754–1809 Williamsburg, Virginia
Elizabeth [Russell] Robinson BS 185.1839.P48 1770–1873 Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia
Thomas Smith BS 185.1809.P4 1760–1848 Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Tichbourne BS 185.1719.09 1721–1736 Staffordshire and London, England
Whitlock-Wingfield (includes slave listings) BS 185 Whitlock 1741–1839 Hanover County, Virginia