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Burwell Family Bible

  • BS 185.1739.09 (2X)
  • Carter’s Grove, James City County and Millwood, Clarke County, Virginia

Transcript: Family History

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[Title Page]

Anne Middleton [with Mr. L? My Husband too year?] 1709. [last?] October
1742 [that the … ?pestly?]

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[Family History: Page 1]

1. Lucy Burwell was born at Brandon October 23d 1740 at 2 o’Clock in ye morning

2. Elizabeth Burwell was born at Carters Grove 21 of February at 12 o’Clock
in the Day 1741/2

3. Judith Burwell was born at Brandon ye 11 of April at 3 o’Clock, at [noon?] 1744

4. Alice Burwell was born at Brandon 4th of May 1745.

5. Sarah Burwell was born at Williamsburg Sunday 30th of November 1746

6. Mary Burwell was born at Carters Grove Thursday 6th of April 1749

1. Nathanael Burwell was born at Carters Grove April 15th 1750
being Easter Sunday. # # # # # # # # # # # #

2. Carter Burwell was born at Carters Grove January 25th 1754

3. Lewis Burwell was born at Carter’s Grove 5th June 1755

The above are the Names of the children of
Carter Burwell & Lucy Grymes, who were
married at Brandon 16th January 1738.

Nathaniel Burwell & Susanna Grymes
were married at Brandon 28th Novr. 1772

1. Carter their Son was born at Carters Grove
the 16th Octr. 1773 & departed this life at Carters Grove 9th Febr. 1819.

2. Philip their Son was born at Williamsburg
the 15th January 1776. = Died Feby 11th 1849. Aged 73 yrs

3. Lucy their Daughter was born at Carter’s Grove
20th Nover. 1777 and departed this life at Carter Hall = 22d March 1810. = My Mother, = R.C. Randolph

4. Nathaniel, their Son, was born at Carter’s Grove
16th February 1779. = Died Novr. 1st 1849. Aged 70.

5. Lewis their Son was born at Carter’s Grove
4th January 1781 & died 28th Sepr. 1782

6. William this Son was born at Carter’s Grove
14th July 1782 and died 2d Octr. 1782

7. Lewis their Son was born at Carter’s Grove
26th September 1783. = Died at Prospect Hill Feby 24th
1826. Aged 43

8. Robert their Son was born at Carter’s Grove
24th July 1785 & died at [New Market?], 22d August 1813 = 28

Susanna Burwell died at Carter’s Grove 24th July
1788 in the 37th year of her age

George Harrison Burwell II died at his home, “Mt. Airy,” Feb. 25, 1926 at 5.30 P.M.

Eliza Page Atkinson Burwell, wife of Thomas H.B. Randolph, died at “Powhatan,” Clarke Co. April 29, 1928 at 11 P.M.

Lucy Whiting Burwell, wife of George H. Burwell II, died at her home, Mt. Airy,
April 9, 1943 at 7 P.M.

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[Family History: Page 2]

[written along the side]

Mrs. Lucy Burwell, the mother of these children died at Clay Hill
the residence of her Daughter Mary Whiting. Novr. 11th 1843. Aged 84.

[main text]

Nathl. Burwell & Lucy Baylor relict of George Baylor & Dau
ghter of Mann Page both of Mannsfield were married at
Mannsfield on the 24th January 1789.

1. Tayloe Page their Son was born at Carter’s Grove
24th November 1789 & departed this life at Carter Hall
on Wednesday the 23d Octr. 1811
at 5 minutes past four in the

2. William Nelson their Son was born at Carter’s Grove
the 23d April 1791. = Died at Glenowen, summer of 1822.

3. Susanna Grymes their Daughter was born at
Millwood 16th October 1792 & died the 19th Octr. 1793

4. Mann Page their Son was born at Millwood
19th Decr. 1793 & died the 5th August 1794

5. Elizabeth Gwyn, their Daughter was born
at Carter’s Grove 26th June 1795

6. Mary, their Daughter was born at
Millwood, 18th January 1798

7. George Harrison their Son was born
at Millwood, 6th Octr. 1799. Died Octr. 5th 1873
Aged, within a few hours of 74

8. Thomas Hugh Nelson, their Son, was born
at Carter Hall 29th January 1805. = Died 1841. =

The above named Nathaniel Burwell departed this life
at Carter Hall on the 29th March 1814 about 10 o’Clock
in the Morning—all of the family being present

Philip Burwell died at Chapel Hill
February 11th 1849 about 11 oclock in the morning
Buried at the Old Chapel

Nathaniel Burwell died at Saratoga Novr. 1st 1849
at 1/2 past one the morning. Buried at the Old Chapel

Thomas H. Burwell died at Old Point Comfort, on
his way up the country, on the 11th day of September 1841
in the thirty seventh year of his age. Buried in Williamsburg

Elizabeth Gwyn Hay, died at Millwood, Clarke County on the 13th day of April 1855; buried at the Old Chapel

George Burwell died at Carter Hall, on a beautiful, bright Sabbath day, at half past 2 pm Oct 5, 1873 = all but one of his family present

Mary B. Whiting, died at Clay Hill, Dec. 15th 1880. Aged 82. 82 yrs
10 months, & 27 days. The last of her Family; and this Record
fills up the page, commenced to be written on,
nearly one hundred years ago = = = = = R.C.R.

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[Family History: Page 3]

[written at the top left]

Roland Green Mitchell, husband of Susan R. Page, daughter of Agnes Burwell & Robert Powell Page
died at the “The Glen” Feb. 3, 1933 at 4 a.m.

George Harrison Burwell III, son of George Harrison Burwell II
born at Mt. Airy, Millwood, Clarke Co, Virginia, June 29, 1891

[written at the top right]

George H. Burwell III & Elizabeth Palmer, relict of Wm. Beverley, were
married at the home of Dr. Randolph Wellford on October 24th, 1946.

[written at the bottom right]

Bible repaired 1956, by Juliette Burwell (Henry) Jones, the great-grand-daughter of
William Nelson Burwell. (Mrs. Courtney Byrd Jones, 1876.)


  1. Carter Burwell of Carter’s Grove (1716–1756) was the grandson of Robert “King” Carter of Corotoman in Lancaster County. His parents were Elizabeth Carter (1692–1743) and Nathaniel Burwell (1680–1721) of Fairfield in Gloucester County. Carter Burwell married Lucy Grymes (1720–1760) in 1738. She was the daughter of John and Lucy Ludwell Grymes of Brandon in Middlesex County.
  2. Nathaniel Burwell married his first cousin, Susanna Grymes, daughter of Lucy Grymes Burwell’s brother, Philip, Susanna’s sister, another Lucy Grymes, married Thomas Nelson. For more about Lucy Grymes Nelson and her family, see the Nelson Bible pages.
  3. Nathaniel Burwell, along with other Tidewater planters, acquired substantial acreage in the fertile portion of what was then Frederick County and eventually established their plantations in the area. Burwell’s plantation known as “Carter Hall” was on the eastern perimeter of Millwood. By the end of the 18th century, grain was the predominant crop in the Lower Shenandoah Valley. Nathaniel Burwell entered into a partnership with Revolutionary War hero General Daniel Morgan to construct a gristmill on Spout Run that lies at the heart of Millwood. By the early 19th century, in addition to the mill, there was a leather manufacturer, a blacksmith, a tavern, a shoemaker and a wagon maker in business in Millwood.
  4. Lucy Burwell married Archibald Cary Randolph (1769–1813). Their son, Dr. Robert Carter Randolph (R.C.R.), 1807–1887, of Carter Hall initialed some of the additions he made to the family genealogy in the Bible. Dr. R.C. Randolph was born at Carter Hall, and after his mother’s death was raised by his uncle, Philip Burwell. He received his medical degree in Philadelphia in 1828, practiced medicine in Clark County and was a member of the faculty of the medical college in Winchester, Virginia. He served as church warden of old Frederick Parish, now Cunningham Chapel in Millwood for over forty years. During this time he was responsible for the “new” Vestry Book of Frederick Parish. History and genealogy were strong interests and, therefore, he recorded everything he thought was interesting or important to record for future generations.
  5. Lucy Page Baylor Burwell was considered most religious, but her Whiting grandchildren’s tutor was horrified to find that on a Sunday she would “join with them [the children] in so boisterous sport that I have gone intending to administer a severe reproof till I saw her helping them dance” and wondered how he could teach them to “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy.” (Frederick Goodwin, November 27, 1826, p. 35–36)
  6. Mary Burwell (1798–1880) married in 1816 to Francis Beverley Whiting (1782–1867). (Carlton, p. 142)
  7. Juliette Burwell Henry Jones died in 1970 and is buried at Old Chapel Cemetery, Millwood in Clarke County. (Find a Grave)


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