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Whitlock-Wingfield Family Bible

  • BS 185 Whitlock
  • Hanover County, Virginia

Transcript: Family History

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[Family History: Page 1 (precedes the index)]

David Whitlock Senr. departed
this life May 7, 1798 in the forty second year of
his age

Turner Richardson Whitlock was Born
11th of November 1779 and Died the 13th of
August 1808.

Charles Whitlock as Born October 26, 1777
and Died September 17 1812

D.P. Whitlock died March 7th 1817

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[Family History: Page 2 (precedes the concordance)]

[Enis?] negroe boy was born December 15th 177[9?]

Agnis negroe girl was born March 3d 178[0?]

Thomas negroe boy was born May 13th 17[82?]

Peter was born February 16th 1783

Died 25 Nov. 1843

Rhoda negro girl born October the 3 1785

[Juda?] negro girl born January 29 1786


Timothy negro boy born November the 20 1786



Agnis negro girl was born the 26 Novbr. 1789

dead / Daniel negro boy was born June 15 1791

Mildrith negro girl born September 17 1793

Sarah negro girl born October 27 1793

Abram negro boy born February 14 1795

Sam negro boy was born February 18 1796

Watt negro boy born September 2[4?] 1796

Easter mulato girl born June the [12?] 1798

Anacha negro girl born October the 10 1802

Martha negro girl Born Sepr. the 6 1804

dead Thomas negro Boy Born February the 20 1806

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[Family History: Page 3]

dead Charlotts Negro Girl Born the 11 of October 1808

Mary Jane Negro Girl Born the 21 of October 1808

dead Delpha Nergro Girl Born the 30 of December 1809

[Alce vilet?] Negro Girl Born 26 of October 1810

Samuel Johnson Negro boy Born the 22 of Febuary 1811

dead) Joseph Negro boy Born the 12 of May 1811

William Negro boy Born the 19 of January 1813
and died the 8 of March 1814

Betsy Negro girl Born the 30 of April 1813

dead Delina Negro girl Born 19 of September 1813

Lucy gwin Negro girl Born February [9?] 1815

Henery Negro boy Born February 22 1815

Polley negro girl Born April 18 1815

Richard negro boy Born November 17 1815

Hannah negro girl Born September 25 1816

Died Rhoda Annah negro girl Born March the 1 1817

Robert negro boy born July 31 1817

Pender negro girl born June 6 1818

Matilda negro girl born August 27 1819

James negro boy was born 24

Harriet negro girl born September 17 1819

Abel negro Boy March 4 1820 born March 4 1820

[torn] negro girl born March 26 1820

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[Family History: Page 4 (loose page)]


Lucy A.B. Wingfield &
Rob. B. Boyd were mar
=ried the 11th day February

(at Lincoln) Henry Curtis Son of Wm.
H. Curtis and Lucy A.B.
Curtis was Born 1st
day Sept. 1841.

Paul Son of Little Hannah
was born 28th April 1842.

Polley (a negro girl) Daughter
of Natty was Born April
the 13th 1815

William Barber Son of
Martha was born July 28 1826

Abram son of Do. [i.e., son of Martha] born
Thursday 16 Octr. 1828
& Died Oct 26th 1843

Louisa Daughter of
Rhoda was

Dianna Daughter of
Martha was Born May 3d.
1831 about 35 m. after 2 o’clock

[Jas or Jno] (died Apl) Son of Martha
was Born Monday 17th
March 1834 — Dead

Robt. Son of Do [i.e., son of Martha] was
Born 26th January 1836

Martha Whitlock, Widow
of Cap. David Whitlock
departed this life on
the 18th of Feb. 1839
in the 87 year of
her age.

[erased] a Daughter of Martha
12 May 1839.

Born 2 Sept. 1841
Son of Martha—at Lincoln—dead

Ralph Wingfield, Son
of Tho. & Anna Wingfield
was born Decr. 3rd 1777 1776

Lucy Ann Whitlock daughter of Davis & Martha Whitlock was
Born May 4th 1789

Tho Wingfield Son of John
Bapitized at Splash Church
March 1st 1741

Tho Wingfield and Anna
Davis (Daughter Wm. Davis
of Hanover Co.) Davis (the latter
who was a descendent of
Sir Ralph Shelton
were married Jan. 9th 1772

Cha. Wingfield & Sarah [Layner? Joyner?]
were married Feb 27th 1750

Taliferro Davis & Elizabeth Grimes
were married Aug. 5 1758

Tho. Pemberton & Rebecca
Wingfield were married Aug 9 1759

Jno. Prince & Sarah Wingfield
were married Sep 4 1761

Jno. Wingfield & Susannah
Morris were married
Apr. 22nd 1760

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[Family History: Page 5 (loose page)]

[written sideways across the left margin]

X Parents of Mother’s and Papa’s
fathers. Mother & Papa were cousins.

X Mother’s Mother.

[main text]


David Parish Whitlock
Departed this life the
7th day of March 1817

Lucy Ann Whitlock
Departed this Life on the

X Lucy Ann Wingfield wife & consort of R.W.
departed this life on the
night of 8 day of October
at half after one o’clock 1826

X Tho Wingfield Senr. departed
this life 22nd August 1830.
He died in his 90th year.

X Anna Wingfield wife and
consort of Tho. Wingfield
Senr. Decd. departed this
life March 18 1834.
84 years old.

Jane H. Wingfield
departed this life
June 1834 in her
46th year.

Rob B. Boyd died [?] 13th
Jany. 1837—in his
23rd yr. old.

Martha Whitlocke
widow of David Whitlocke
and mother of Lucy Ann
Wingfield Dec’d. depart=
=ed this Life on the 18th
February 1839 in the
87 year of her age

Martha Whitlock
above was Mother’s
Grand Mother. She
was a Miss Richardson
and her mother was
Lucy Doran daughter of
Dr. John Doran of England
& his wife—Don’t know
Dr. Doran’s wife’s name.
Laura Wingfield.

X Ralph Wingfield and
Lucy Ann Whitlock
were married Janua=
=ry the 28th day 1815

Benjn. Wingfield &
Rebecca Wingfield
were married Feb. 8th

Rebeca Wingfield and the
wife of Benjn. Wing.
Departed this life on
Sunday mor. 11th Apr.


  • This book lacks a title page and most of the Old Testament is missing. The New Testament portion begins with Matthew, chapter 15. The concordance title page has, therefore, been imaged as the principle bibliographic clue to this printing of the Bible.
  • David and Martha Whitlock’s daughter, Lucy Ann Whitlock (1789–1826) married Ralph Wingfield (son of Thomas and Anna Wingfield) in 1815. Lucy Ann and Ralph’s granddaughter, Laura Wingfield (b.1859–60, died after 1920), annotated the family pages.
  • Slave births and some deaths are recorded in the family Bible. An alphabetical list of the enslaved men and women lined up with the names of slaves in the wills of Thomas Wingfield (1837) and Martha Whitlock (1825) has been compiled.

Related Sources

  • Cocke, William Ronald III, compiler. Hanover County Chancery Wills and Notes, Columbia, VA, 1940.
  • Slash Church, Hanover County may be where Thomas Wingfield was baptized in 1741.
  • U.S. Federal Census, 1860 & 1920, Albemarle County, Virginia.