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Today in the 1770s: June 8

WILLIAMSBURG, June 8, 1776.
The piratical vessel commanded by Bartlet Goodrich is taken, and himself and ten others made prisoners. She mounts four carriage guns, and had on board a quantity of West India produce, some gunpowder, small arms, and a number of other very useful articles.

Virginia Gazette, Dixon & Hunter, June 08, 1776, page 6

About this entry:

Bartlett Goodrich was a member of a Nansemond County seafaring family. His father, John, was more interested in making money than in politics and in 1775 the family had arranged to purchase gunpowder for the patriot government in Williamsburg. However, Lord Dunmore learned of their involvement and exerted pressure to turn them to his purposes. The Goodriches changed their allegiance and aided the British. They smuggled in British goods, attacked American ships, lent their local navigational knowledge to the the British navy and raided and burned property along the rivers and Chesapeake Bay.

Sources: Noel Hume, 1775, Va Gaz Index "Goodrich"; VMHB, v15, p160-5

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