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Today in the 1770s: March 3

WILLIAMSBURG, March 3, 1774.
Last Saturday evening, about 7 o'clock, arrived here, to the great joy of the inhabitants, the Right Honourable Lady DUNMORE, the amiable consort of our worthy governor the Right Honourable Lord Dunmore, with six of their sons and daughters, to wit, Lord Fincastle, and the Honourable Alexander and John Murray; Ladies Catharine, Augusta, and Susan Murray. They were accompanied by Captain Foy and his Lady throughout their tour from New York to this city. Upon their arrival at York, they were saluted by the cannon; and every other mark of respect was paid to those illustrious characters by all the inhabitants of that place. Immediately after this intelligence reached Williamsburg, the people proceeded to illuminate their houses, and when she entered the city, every countenance plainly evinced the pleasure within, at the same time expressing their peculiar happiness that Lady DUNMORE was arrived at this metropolis. A great number of the most respectable citizens, and many from the country, who had been informed of her arrival, attended the carriages, in order to see her Ladyship safe at the PALACE, and then returned to their respective homes, determining to shew their regard, the succeeding Monday, by FIREWORKS, which, though not the most magnificent (as, indeed, could not be well expected) yet the goodness of Lady DUNMORE, we hear, readily excused it, saying that she was extremely thankful for the kind endeavors of the gentlemen who undertook the management of them, as well as to every one else that attended.

Virginia Gazette (Rind) March 3, 1774

About this entry:

Lady Charlotte Stewart, daugher of the Earl of Galloway was born circa 1740. She married John Murray, Earl of Dunmore in 1759. Philip Mazzei met her in Williamsburg and later reminisced that "At first sight, it seemed to me that she deserved a better husband, and I soon learned that I was not mistaken." W&M Q, IX(1929), p. 166.

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