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Archaeological Research

Field, Lab, and Documentary Research

Colonial Williamsburg's archaeologists use remains uncovered during excavation—combined with laboratory work, documentary research, and oral histories—to reveal information about the past.

  • Current Projects and Tours - Come behind the ropes for a closer look at current excavations, tour our labs where much of the discovery takes place, or find out more about what our latest projects have revealed.
  • What Our Archaeologists Do - Digging is just one aspect of how archaeologists learn about the past, its people, and its places. Our archaeological researchers are a multidisciplinary team that includes field archaeologists, anthropologists, curators, and environmental specialists.
  • History of Archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg - Excavation has been an important part of our exploration of Williamsburg's history since the late 1920s. What began as a tool for locating 18th-century building foundations has evolved over time into a new and scholarly discipline focused on answering a wide range of research questions.

Market House
Archaeologists excavate the Market House site.

Current and recent projects involving archaeology:

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