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Genealogical Research

A Bibliography of Materials from the Rockefeller Library

Genealogists researching Virginia ancestors may find the Rockefeller Library's collections helpful. Our materials focus on 18th-century Tidewater Virginia, and most specifically, the immediate Williamsburg area (Williamsburg City, James City County, and York County). Note that the Library is not focused on genealogy, and our genealogical collections, particularly those pertaining to locations outside the Williamsburg area, are not comprehensive.

Research Guides

These research guides list important resources, many of which are widely available in large academic libraries throughout the United States:

Materials from the Rockefeller Library

Genealogical information can be found in many of the Library's online and onsite resources:

Primary Sources

The Library of Viginia's Virginia Memory Project includes many primary source documents:

More Virginia records are available from the following websites:

The Rockefeller Library has limited staff and does not offer research services (paid research). The Library of Virginia (PDF) and the Virginia Genealogical Society (PDF) keep lists of researchers available for hire.

Updated 12/2015.