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Colonial Williamsburg Journal

Title Pamunkey Recognition
Issue Volume 37 Number 02, (CWJ, Spring 2015)
Description After more than four decades of work, Virginia's Pamunkey Indian Tribe hopes to achieve federal recognition by the U.S. Government which gives tribes specific rights and access to resources that are off limits to other groups. Tribes petitioning the BIA must prove they are a longstanding, distinct community of Native Americans with established governing authority among members. The 1200-acre Pamunkey Indian Reservation, adjacent to King William County, houses the Museum and Cultural Center; Warren Taylor,CWF interpreter, who depicts Pamunkey-theme scenes from pre-revolutionary Virginia, and Ashley Atkins Spivey, a Ph.D. candidate at the College of William and Mary, are both members of the Pamunkey tribe.
Author Swenson, Ben
Pages 48-55
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