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Manuscript Finding Aids

The Rockefeller Library's Special Collections department owns more than 50,000 manuscript pages. . The form below searches the manuscripts in our collection that have been transcribed.

A portion of our manuscripts have been fully digitized and transcribed and are available in our Digital Library.

Additional finding aids are available through the Virginia Heritage Project: Virginia Heritage: Guides to Manuscript & Archival Collections in Virginia .

A number of manuscripts have been microfilmed and are available through interlibrary loan. Email for more information.

Search for manuscripts:

Title Number
Vest Family Papers, 1866-1887 MS 1991.17
Veterinarian's Horse Remedy Book, 18th century MS 1991.14
Virginia Almanacks, 1717-1814 AY 326.V57
Virginia Committee of Safety letter to Patrick Henry, 1775 November 15 MS 2010.4
Virginia Convention, 1776. Constitution of 1776 MS 2000.41
Virginia Council Address to Governor Norborne Berkeley, Baron de Botetourt, 1769 November 8 MS 1931.21
Virginia Council. Address to Lieutenant Governor Robert Dinwiddie, 1754 August 24 MS 1942.3.1
Virginia Gazettes, 18th Century various
Virginia General Assembly. "An Act to amend an Act, intituled [sic] an act to prevent malicious maiming and wounding." 1772 February 10 MS 2000.78.1X
Virginia General Assembly. Articles of Association, 1774 May 27 MS 1929.2
Virginia General Assembly. Extract of an Act of Assembly for granting aid to His Majesty for protection of the Colony, June 1757. MS 1982.9
Virginia General Assembly. Petition, Memorial, and Remonstrance, 1769 MS 1996.10
Virginia General Assembly. Printed invitation to an entertainment at the Capitol, n.d. MS 1981.0
Virginia General Court, Clerk's Chit, 1774 MS 2000.38
Virginia In Council, January 29, 1787. Gentlemen, The Executive having addressed you on the 20th of February 1786, concerning pensioners; I beg leave to refer you to their letter… MS 2014.5
Virginia Order of Council, 1754 February 10 MS 1982.10.1
Virginia Order of the General Court, 1761 April 25 MS 2000.33
W.A.V. Clark's Account with George Eames, 1730 January MS 2000.24
Wadsworth and Carter Receipt, March 25, 1782 M-1561
Wadsworth and Carter Receipts, 1782-1783 MS 1984.2
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621 manuscript(s) found

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