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Virginia Constitution of 1776(after 1788)

  • MS 2000.41
  • Microfilm: M-1561
  • 1 item

Manuscript draft (after 1788) of the Virginia Constitution of 1776, as agreed upon by the delegates and representatives of the counties and corporations of Virginia at the General Convention in Williamsburg. Includes a note stating Virginia ratified the Federal Constitution, 1788 June 25, by a majority of 10 votes.

The Constitution of Virginia is the document that defines and limits the powers of the state government and the basic rights of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Like all other state constitutions, it is supreme over Virginia’s laws and acts of government, though it may be superseded by the United States Constitution and U.S. federal law. Virginia enacted its first constitution in 1776, in conjunction with the Declaration of Independence by the original thirteen states of the United States of America.