The Virginia Gazette

Today in the 1770s: December 8

WILLIAMSBURG, December 8, 1774.
On Saturday morning last the right honourable the countess of Dunmore was safely delivered of a daughter at the palace. And on the following Sunday, in the after, arrived in this city his excellency the governor, from his expedition against the Indians.

Virginia Gazette (Pinkney) December 8, 1774

About this entry:

The child was christened "Virginia" the following January and she left Williamsburg with her family some 18 months later. In 1824 Lady Virginia petitioned the Virginia legislature for funds, stating that at the time of her christening the burgesses had offered to serve as god-fathers to her and to provide her with L100,000 when she grew up. Nothing official was found in the Virginia colonial records, and nothing came of her request.

Sources: WMQ, v24, 1915, 85-101

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