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Today in the 1770s: October 22

WILLIAMSBURG, October 22, 1777.
Wanted, for the Hospitals of this State, five or six Hogsheads of good VINEGAR, to be delivered at either of the Landings of this City, for which a good price will be given, by applying to BENJAMIN BUCKTROUT.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon &Hunter) October 24, 1777

About this entry:

Benjamin Bucktrout, a cabinetmaker and merchant in Williamsburg, was appointed Purveyor and Steward to the Continental Hospital in February, 1777. He was paid 2 pounds per day for his services. Housewives made a variety of vinegars for their own use (usually for sauces, pickling and preservation purposes), and some medicines required vinegar. "Continental Hospital" probably refers to the use of the former Governor's Palace as a hospital.

Sources: WAR; Apothecary Shop Interpretation Manual

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