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Today in the 1770s: April 23

WILLIAMSBURG, April 23, 1772.
MATTHEW HOLT begs leave to acquaint the Publick, and his Friends in particular, that he has opened a Store, on the south Side of the Capitol, next Door to Mrs. Ayscough's, where both dry Goods and West India Commodities may be had upon very reasonable Terms for Cash, or short Credit. He would be very much obliged to those who are indebted to him to pay off their accounts, etc. this April Court, as Indulgence cannot be granted any longer.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon) April 23, 1772

About this entry:

Mr. Holt did not stay in business very long - the "remains of his store" were advertised for sale February 4, 1773. "April Court" would be the court day held in Williamsburg in April.

Sources: VA Gaz, Rind

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