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Spies and Spycraft in the American Revolution

A Bibliography of Materials from the Rockefeller Library

Ever since James Fenimore Cooper published The Spy in 1821, the life of the patriotic spy has captured our imaginations. In 2011 Colonial Williamsburg launched its first in a series of alternate reality spy games called RevQuest: Save the Revolution!™, in which players complete tasks online and around the Revolutionary City in order to "save the revolution." A television series based on the real-life "Culper Ring" of spies in revolutionary New York launched in 2014 and is also gaining popularity.

To learn more about spies and spycraft in the revolutionary period, look for some of the resources listed below. An asterisk (*) denotes materials related to the Culper Ring.

General Sources

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  • Nagy, John A. Spies in the Continental Capital: Espionage Across Pennsylvania During the American Revolution. Yardley, PA: Westholme, 2011.
  • * Rose, Alexander. Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring. New York, NY: Bantam Books, 2006.


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Primary Sources

  • * André, John. Cornélis De Witt Wilcox, ed. Major André's Journal. New York, NY: New York Times 1968.
  • Collins, James Potter. John M. Roberts, ed. A Revolutionary Soldier. New York, NY: Arno Press, 1979.
  • Franklin, Benjamin. Yale University. Franklin Papers.
  • * Simcoe, John Graves. Simcoe's Military Journal: A History of the Operations of a Partisan Corps, called the Queen's Rangers. New York, NY: Bartlett & Welford, 1844.
  • Spy Letters of the American Revolution Collection. Clements Library, University of Michigan.
  • Founders Online: Papers of George Washington.

Colonial Williamsburg Media

  • In the General's Secret Service. 2002. Electronic Field Trip.
  • Women of the Revolution. 2013. Electronic Field Trip. (Emily Geiger segment).

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