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Colonial Williamsburg Journal

Title the Campaign for History & Citizenship
Issue Volume 37 Number 02, (CWJ, Spring 2015)
Description Review of the range of CW programs and priorities that require substantial investments from donors include 1) Paint the Town , the concept of Tom and Paula Wilson, co-chairs of the National Advisory Council, to raise funds for maintenance of CW buildings; 2) Cultivating the Next Generation of Trades, the funding by Teresa and Ken Wood of 3 years of summer interns at the Colonial Nursery, of Ken and Bonnie Shockey endowed fund for metal-working interns at the James Anderson Blacksmith Shop and Public Armoury, as well as the endowment by Sally and Theodore Brickman which has funded 17 summer internships; and 3) A New Path to World-Class Museums, the enormous $40M challenge of expanding and enhancing the Art Museums especially the revision of the difficult and exacting entrance; and 4) Debating America's Evolving Democracy, fulfilling the mission of promoting civil dialogue in the "Idea of America" program.
Pages 12-17