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Country Life

Volume Volume 163 Number 4208 (2 March 1978)
Articles Jackson-Stops, Gervase. "Acton Round, Salop - I," re architecture, interiors, 522-5 Liscombe, R. W. "That Noble Architecture," re William Wilkins, 540-4
Advertisements Basalt, Phillips x Clock, supp. 32h-kFireman's silver armplate, Phillips vii Furniture, supp. 30-1, 32a, 32f, 32k-m, (Phillips iii, xi, xvi) 38, pg. 582-3, 585 Miniature, Phillips v Painting, Phillips, xii, supp. 35 Panelled room, supp. 37 Silver, supp. 32f, 36
Salerooms "One Of Nine Cartoons For Tapestries By Van Der Meulen," 514 "A Plate From The First Edition Of P. J. Redoute's Les Roses, Published In Paris," 1817-24, 514 "An English Delft Dish From Bristol," 515 "English Delft figure Of A Milkmaid," 515 "A Berlin Kingwood Bureau-Cabinet By Martin Bohme," re furniture, 515
Correspondence "Bognor's Founder," re portrait, 536
Town and Country "Saved For The Nation," re silver, 513
Book Reviews