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Country Life

Volume Volume 212 Number 4 (24 January 2018)
Advertisements Furniture, 12, 15 Paintings, 12 Porcelain, 14 Textiles, 14 Coins, 15
Salerooms 'English crewel-work panel", 82 "Original Rowlandson watercolour of 'The Bath' print, 83
Town and Country
Book Reviews Gelber, David. Review of WHITE KING (Charles I.) by Leanda deLislle, 88 Riding, Jacqueline. Review of EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY WOMEN ARTISTS: THEIR TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS & TRIUMPHS, by Caroline Chapman, 89 Riding, Jacqueline. Review of THE ACCOMPLISHED LADY: A HISTORY OF GENTEEL PURSUITS c.1660-1860, by Noel Riley, 89