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Country Life

Volume Volume 212 Number 1 (03 January 2018)
Articles Robinson, John. "Turning full circle (Marston House)", re architecture, interiors, 40-45 Rice, Matthew. "Faringdon, Oxfordshire", re architecture 46-7 Leak, Adrian. "to the manor born", re influence of country squires, 52-3
Advertisements Mirrors, 14 Porcelain, 14 Furniture, 15 Portraits, 15
Salerooms "An Academy by Lamplight" by Joseph Wright of Derby, 86 A pair of 30-bore silver-mounted duelling pistols (1790-1), 86
Town and Country
Book Reviews Mallalieu, Huon. Review of THE MOST GLORIOUS PROSPECT (Gardens in Wales) by Bettina Harden, 90 Williams, Martin. Review of THE FIRST IRON LADY (Caroline of Ansbach) by Matthew Dennison, 91