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Country Life

Volume Volume 163 Number 4202 (19 January 1978)
Articles Binney, Marcus. "University of Virginia - II," re architecture: evolution of Jefferson's original layout, 142-5 Horsbrough-Porter, Mary. "Shining Evergreens of Winter," re gardens, 148-9 THEATRE: "A Great Galleon of a Man," re Ben Jonson, 147
Advertisements Furniture, Supp. 22
Salerooms "One of a Pair of Mahogany Cupboards Designed by Robert Adam," re furniture, 134-5 Paragraph of sale of John Evelyn's library, 135
Correspondence "Links Between Two Steeples," re 18th-c churches, 154
Town and Country "An Ostrich in a Park," re 17th-c London map (1682), 139
Book Reviews