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Trend & Tradition

Title The Randolphs of Bizarre Plantation
Issue Volume 05, Number 01 (T&T, Winter 2020)
Description Rumors of scandal played out in the court of law and the court of public opinion, pitting members of a powerful family against one another. Richard and Judith Randolph of Bizarre Plantation, along with Anne Cary Randolph (known as Nancy), were involved in a scandal of possible fornication, infanaticide and murder. Richard was prosecuted. In the end, the court heard plenty of sordid gossip and innuendo, but no firm evidence that Richard had committed murder. He was declared not guilty and was dischanged from custody. Nothing was filed against Nancy who eventually left Bizarre, moved to New England and married Gouverneur Morris where scandal continued to follow.
Author Kierner, Cynthia A.
Pages 94-101