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York County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Execution Book(1789–1794)

  • MS 1943.2
  • Microfilm: M-1554
  • 1 vol. ([272] pp.) and 63 items

Accounts for money collected by Philip Moody (d. 1807), deputy sheriff of York County, Virginia, and sergeant of Williamsburg, in satisfaction of various court decisions; and receipts for this money, signed by parties to these cases and, in some instances, by court officials. Courts mentioned include York, Williamsburg Hustings, King and Queen District, Williamsburg District, James City, Charles City, Sussex, Warwick, Henrico Chancery, and the High Court of Chancery.

Names in the cases include Samuel Beall, William Cary, John Coke, William Cole, Dudley Digges, John M. Galt, Robert Greenhow, Thomas Hubard, Matthew Hubbard, Hunt and Adams, William Lee, Alexander Macaulay, James Moir, Hugh Nelson, Robert Nicolson, John Paradise, Benjamin Powell, Harrison Ratcliff, John Saunders, and James Southall.

This volume includes its own rough index.