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William Norvell tax book(1768–1769)

  • MS 1928.2
  • Microfilm: M-1129
  • Photocopy: PH/02/12
  • 1 vol. ([312] pp.) and 1 item

Accounts kept by William Norvell (1725?–1802), sheriff, of the Williamsburg and James City County quitrents and taxes levied and paid for 1768 and 1769. Taxes included a per capita tax on tithables, levied in pounds of tobacco, and a chariot and chair tax. Also listed are Corporation of Williamsburg fines, and fines for failure to attend militia musters. The sheriff’s deputies did most of the actual collecting, and received a fee for doing so.

Among those taxed were: Edward Ambler, James Anderson, William Armistead, John Blair, Lewis Burwell, James Carter, Thomas Everard, James Geddy, George Gilmer, John Greenhow, William Harwood, David Minitree, Peter Pelham, John Prentis, John Randolph, Peyton Randolph, James Southall, Elizabeth Tarpley, John Tazewell, Edward Travis, William Trebell, Jane Vobe, and Benjamin Waller.

Also, account of Mr. Beverley with Rebeckah Ball for “lodgings Viz Mr. Lawson & boy” in March and April 1777.