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Account of money paid out from the assessed levy, Williamsburg, Virginia(1832 June 23)

  • MS 1932.1
  • Microfilm: M-1561
  • Transcript: TR/00/1832/Jun 23
  • 1 item

List of money paid out to public officials such as the overseers of the poor, commonwealth’s attorney, sergeant, jailer and barkeeper, and also to the poor and indigent. Mentions the following individuals: Richard T. Booker, Benjamin E. Bucktrout, Addison L. Byrd, Thomas O. Cogbill, Jesse Cole, Henry Edloe, Richard R. Garrett, Charles Hansford, Ann Jackson, James Lee, Betsy Lindsey, George W[ythe] McCandlish, William M. Moody, Thomas Griffin! Peachy, Robert G. Richardson, James Semple, Richard Speed, William Stroud, Mrs. William Stroud, Littleton T. Waller; and William W. Vest & Co. [of Williamsburg, VA] and Wilson Willcocks & Co. [of Williamsburg, VA?]. Bears signatures of some of the above.