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Burgess ticket to Thomas Melven(1758 September 9)

  • MS 2002.12
  • 1 item

Issued to Thomas Melven, shoemaker of Cannongate, Edinburgh, Scotland. Melven was Received and Admitted Burgess and Freeman in the presence of the Baillies John Learmonth, Robert Pillens, and William Berry, as well as William Hamilton, Treasurer. Melven appears to have been made Burgess and Freeman not only because he was a shoemaker, but also on the grounds that his lawful spouse, Rachael Douglas, was the daughter of a shoemaker and Freeman Burgess. Melven paid five merks of Scots money for the honor. Freemen and Burgesses date to the 15th century. No man could carry on a trade or business unless he was a Burgess of the town in which he plied his vocation. The ticket is signed by James Leach.