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William Fleming Collection(1773–1802)

  • MS 1996.12
  • 14 items

A collection of miscellaneous documents relating to William Fleming, son of John and Mary (Bolling) Fleming of Cumberland County, VA. Fleming studied law at the College of William and Mary and graduated in 1763. He held various political positions, including serving in the House of Burgesses and the House of Delegates, acting as a delegate to the Virginia Convention held in 1775–1776, and serving as a delegate from Cumberland County to the Continental Congress. In December 1788, Fleming received an appointment to the first Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals and served as a judge for this court until 1824.

This collection includes several documents pertaining to Fleming’s term as a Court of Appeals judge, such as notes on cases and Governor Beverley Randolph’s official appointment of Fleming to the Court of Appeals. Financial and legal documents relating to Fleming’s personal affairs are also present. They encompass receipts, bonds, accounts, and tax records. A list of taxable personal property includes the names of 46 slaves he owned.

In addition, a few documents are present which concern other individuals. They include a license for Robert Stanard to practice law, a writ for arrest, and a copy of a bill of chancery. These may be papers Fleming acquired in the course of operating his law practice.

Individuals mentioned in the documents include: John Banks; Thomas Blane; Thomas Bolling; Adam Craig; John Fleming; Thomas Fleming; William Fleming; Robert Gilliam; Daniel Mayo; William Mayo; Thomas Nelson; Beverley Randolph; Philip Sansum; Warner Servis; William Thomas; and John Wood.

Materials in this collection were obtained through donation from a descendent of William Fleming.


Date Description
Folder 1
n.d. Wrapper. Titled: “Receipts: Col. R. Bolling’s.”
n.d. Wrapper. Titled: “Papers relating to John Fleming’s estate, who died the 22d Apr. 1767.”
1764–1767 Receipt. William Fleming to Thomas Bolling.
28 July 1767 Order. John Wood, Bedford, on William Fleming, Cumberland.
1773 Bond. Robert Gilliam to William Fleming.
9 March 1787 Inventory. William Fleming’s taxable property in Chesterfield Co.
December 1788 Commission. William Fleming to the Court of Appeals, signed by Governor Beverley Randolph. Retains seal.
7 May 1791 Receipt. For wheat sold by William Fleming to William Lee, Manchester.
1793 Col. Fleming account of corn bought.
18 June 1796 Execution for debt. Signed by Thomas Nelson, clerk of the Gloucester County Court, relating to the lawsuit of Blanc (assignee of Young) v. Philip Sansum and Warner Lewis.
20 July 1797 Draft. Drawn of William Fleming by John Wood.
15 April 1801 Writ for arrest. William Palmer v. John Banks, signed by Adam Craig.
1802 Notes. Written by Judge Fleming in response to Judge John Coalter’s objections in the lawsuit Mayo v. Murchie, which concerned land in the City of Richmond.
26 October 1802 Law license of Robert Stanard, judge for the VA Court of Appeals, signed by Edmund Pendleton, Peter Lyons, and Spencer Roane.
n.d. Copy of pp. 5–8 of a bill of chancery concerning the lawsuit of Cabell v. William Mayo, a dispute regarding land along the Fluvanna River.