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Deneufville Papers(1785–ca. 1850)

  • MS 1941.2
  • Microfilm: M-1120
  • Transcript: TR/65
  • 18 items

Papers, primarily 1785–1815, of brothers Jean Augustine (1763–1838) and Peter Robert Deneufville (d. 1809), who arrived in Hanover County and Williamsburg, VA, from France about 1780 and became merchants. Included are letters from merchants, customers, and friends; bonds; receipts; a copy of Peter Robert Deneufville’s will; a letter between two of Augustine’s granddaughters; a land grant from the governor of Georgia, Edward Telfair, to Daniel McLane; and indentures between various Deneufville relatives. Names prominent in the papers include Robert Anderson, Andrew Buchanan, James Lee, John Saunders, John Taliaferro, Edward Teagle, and Dr. Wiscart.


Date Description
Folder 1
8 February 1785 Fourra?, France, to [Augustin] Neuville, New Castle, VA
21 September 1785 Gourdin, Dunkirk, France, to Augustin DeNeuville, New Castle, VA
12 June 1787 LeCointe Fréres, London, to Augustin DeNeuville, New Castle, VA, re tobacco prices
17 April 1792 Letter to Andrew Buchanan, Baltimore, from Notnagel & Montmolin, Cumberland, re crop shipments.
28 November 1792 Herbert Claiborne, New Kent Co., to Doctor Wiscart, Cumberland, re his debts.
27 March 1798 Claudius L. Levert to Peter Robert Deneufville re debts.
1 August 1798 Louis Pagaud, Williamsburg, to Peter Robert Deneufville, Cumberland.
Folder 2
24 October 1805 John Saunders, New Kent Co., to Peter Robert Deneufville, Williamsburg, re common hall.
14 April 1806 Bond: Henry Gibbs and Reuben Howes to Peter Robert Deneufville, administrator of will of James Semple, Sr. PFWMI.
26 June 1807 Receipt: James Semple to Peter Robert Deneufville re purchase of Gabriel Maupin’s “house and lot up town on Market Square.”
26 February 1808 Receipt: Richard Maupin to Peter Robert Deneufville for house and lot of Gabriel Maupin.
9 October 1809 Last will and testament of Peter Robert Deneufville, New Kent Co., VA. Frees slave Betty and her children.
[8 August 1812] Exceptions of J[ean] A[ugustine] D[eneufville] to Statement P re Peter Robert Deneufville’s estate.
23 May 1815 Deed: Robert Anderson, Helen Maxwell, to Edward Teagle. For part of Block 17, Lot 57 [John Crump House, Williamsburg].
28 September 1836 Indenture: William H.S. Teagle and James Lee for purchase of Crump House.
14 August 185[0] [Louisa Deneufville], Mountain Top, to sister [Mary] Marion [Deneufville], Williamsburg, re her therapeutic stay in western Virginia. Mentions Mr. Barziza, Dr. Henley and others.
Folder 3
1 September 1790 Land grant: Gov. Edward Telfair to Daniel McLane for 1,000 acres in Washington Co., GA. Plat and seal attached.