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Barwick Bruce day book(March 17–June 6, 1791)

  • MS 1996.11
  • 1 item

This work comprises a medical record book thought to have been kept by Barwick Bruce, a Virginia planter who may have resided in Halifax County. A contemporary title added to the front cover reads: “Barwick Bruce’s Day Book commencing March 17, 1791.” Most entries are signed by either John Austin or William Tull. Each entry lists a date, the name of the person examined, and the treatment prescribed. Plantations mentioned include Edge Hill, Grome Hall, and Bay Plantation. A majority of the entries concern treatments prescribed for illnesses or injuries suffered by slaves. James Bruce is listed as the master of many of the slaves treated. In addition, some entries concern prescriptions given to treat planters and their family members. The entries provide insight into care provided by plantation owners for their slaves and family members and into different remedies prescribed for ailments, such as bleeding, purging, pills, and ointments. Genealogists may also find this manuscript useful for tracing the presence of various families in Halifax County, as the entries list the names of many different planters who presented relatives and slaves for treatment.