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Thomas Tyler Bouldin Papers(1834–1850)

  • MS 1987.3
  • 30 items

Thomas Tyler Bouldin was apparently the son of Congressman Thomas T. Bouldin and a grandson of Major Wood Bouldin and Joanna Tyler Bouldin. These papers were found inside an 18th-century spinet owned by Joanna Tyler Bouldin. Papers of Thomas Tyler Bouldin, Hezikiah Brooks, Sr., and others include bills, accounts, promissory notes, receipts, letters, and some legal documents. The papers concern family matters, clothing, tobacco, Gilliam family history, and a fine for not attending muster. Correspondents from Charlottesville, Charlotte County, and elsewhere.


Date Description
Folder 1
8 November 1834–20 January 1835 Bill for clothing. John Cochnar to Thomas T. Bouldin.
1 April 1836–18 December 1839 Account of Hezikiah Brooks, Sr. with James McGraw & Co.
April 1838 Bill to Hez[ikiah] Brooks, Sr. for services of the clerk of Halifax Circuit Superior Court.
3 March 1839 Promissory note. Hezikiah Brooks, Sr. to McGraw, Barksdale & Co.
5 November 1840–21 December 1840 Tailoring account of Mr. Guysee with H. Hall [fragment].
1840 Fine to James Hill for not attending the October muster of Captain Milner.
1840 Fragment of tailoring account of John Patterson with H. Hall.
1 November 1841 Draft of promissory note. John D. Richardson to Elisha E. Hundley and [William?] Bailey [fragment].
1841 Fragment of an account of Thomas T. Bouldin with Robert Stabler for 35 soda tickets.
1 March 1842 Promissory note. Richard Walne to Addison Irvine.
April 1842 Tailoring account of Benjamin Lax with Addison Irvine.
24 October 1842 Account of Hezikiah Brooks with McGraw & Co
31 October 1842 Fragment. Note on a document filed in Lynchburg, Hustings Court.
4 September 1843 Receipt to Thomas T. Bouldin from Winslow Robinson.
18 November 1844 Letter re collection of a debt. J. Read, Charleston, to Thomas T. Bouldin, Charlotte Courthouse.
1845 Account of Mr. Murphy with Read & Flournoy.
Folder 2
May 1846 Fragment of bill of Wood Bou[ldin] from [Tho]mas Anderson.
25 December 1846 Bond account of Thomas T. Bouldin with Claiborne Barksdale.
18 August 1847–1 January 1849 Account of doctor’s visits to son and slaves. Jesse Wilkes with Dr. John P. Brown.
5 January 1849 Account of Wood Bouldin with Joseph Dupuy.
1849 Receipt. Mr. Ward (?) Furguson to Mitchell & Tyler, Richmond.
21 August 1850 Letter re Gilliam family history. William E. Gilliam, Cornissville, Marshall County, Mississippi to Thomas T. Bouldin.
26 December 1850 Bond. William Baldwin to Charles Hutcheson for demolition of Gaines old mill on Ward’s Fork Creek.
n.d. Tobacco carriage account of Hezikiah Brooks, Jr.
n.d. Account: William A. Rainey to Thomas T. Bouldin.
n.d. Order to the sheriff of Lynchburg, 183?
n.d. Letter to George W. Read, Charlotte Courthouse, VA
n.d. Letter: Sarah Morrisette to [Thomas?] Bouldin, Charlotte County re his slave boy.
27 March Promissory note. Hezekiah Brooks to McGraw, Barksdale & Co.
25 April Legal document of William H. Barksdale.
Folder 3