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Baylor Family Papers(1714 [1770–1848] 1938)

  • MS 1959.1
  • Microfilm: M-1556
  • Photocopy: PH/04 (selected items)
  • 6 vols. and 54 pieces

Papers, primarily 1770–1848, accumulated by members of the Baylor family of New Market, Caroline County, VA, especially Frances Walker Baylor (d. 1783), her son, John Baylor, Jr. (1750–1808), who studied in England ca. 1770–1772, her grandson, Dr. George D. Baylor (1789–1848), and her great grandson, Dr. Warner Lewis Baylor (1825–1894). The loose papers are mainly family letters, legal records, genealogical information, and poems. Manuscript books include a 19th-century cookbook, Dr. George D. Baylor’s ledger of medical accounts, 1842–1847, and genealogical information on the Lewis and related families. Three printed books have been transferred to the Library. The collection is complemented by various photocopies, including Col. John Baylor’s letterbook, 1749–1765, with letters to John Backhouse, Samuel Waterman, John Norton, Edward Athawes, Cary and Company, and others. Names in the collection include James Clay, Robert Farrish, John Fox, George Hoomes, John L. Pendleton, Robert Powell, Edmund Taylor, and F. Waring.


Date Description
Folder 1
1714 September 24 John Baylor: plat for 400 acres.
1743 April 8 John Baylor: court order.
1743 August 13 Robert Powell: notice to sheriff to apprehend runaway slave belonging to Robert Powell.
1743 August 20 George Hoomes and Robert Farish: Proclamation. Caroline County.
1743 November 8 F. Waring: Coroner’s Report.
1756 March 15 Edmund Taylor to Col. J[ohn] Baylor.
1770 May 25 Frances Baylor to John Baylor.
1779 July 25 James Clay to John Baylor.
1780 August 24 Bond. John Baylor to Alex[ander] Spotswood.
[1780] To George Wythe, Judge of the High Court of the Chancery, re the will of John Fox.
1790 May 15 Copy of Judgment. William Dickson’s Administrator v. George Baylor’s Executors. Executed 2 June 1790.
1800 February 11 John Baylor: invoice.
1805 March 2 John Baylor, Jr. to John Baylor.
1809 February 1 John Baylor to George D. Baylor.
1816 April 2 Court Order. Baylor v. Fox.
1823 December 27 Commission for justices of the peace to examine Elizabeth Baylor. Daingerfield v. Rootes. Printed with manuscript inserts.
1823 December 31 Deed of Trust (Clerk’s Copy) George D. Baylor to John W. Fox.
Folder 2
1831 November 4 Elizabeth L. Baylor to Ellen Augusta Baylor.
1832 April 30 George D. Baylor to John Baylor.
1835 May 23 George D. Baylor to John N. Baylor.
1837 October 21 George D. Baylor to Benjamin W. Leigh.
1840 May 1 Poem by George D. Baylor.
1841 November 30 George D. Baylor to George R. Baylor.
1844 May 27 R.H. Kidd to Joseph W. Kay.
1845 January 14 Margaret P. Olivier to Ellen A. Baylor.
1845 May Account. John W. Fox.
1845 May Statement of money received of John W. Fox.
1845 August 16 Poem by Mrs. Dunel.
1845 October 14 George D. Baylor: power of attorney.
1846 December 20 Poem.
1848 January 16 George D. Baylor to John N. Baylor.
1848 [February 14] Poem.
1848 March 25 Agreement and sale between Warner L. Baylor and Ellen A. Baylor.
1848 [February] 5 Julia [B. Kay] to George D., Baylor.
1860 June 6 George R. Baylor, statement of money paid.
1868 December 5 Copy of Will of the Honorable Hatley Frere.
1872 June 5 Alexander G. Baylor to Julia B. Kay.
1883 July 18 William Winston Fontaine to Warner L. Baylor.
n.d. George D. Baylor to Warner L. Baylor.
Folder 3
1938 August 11 H.T. Deas to G.D. Baylor.
n.d. Despilly, receipted.
n.d. Poem by Dr. John C. McCabe.
n.d. Poem.
n.d. Poem by George D. Baylor.
n.d. Poem by George D. Baylor.
1891 April 6 Lewis family.
n.d. Baylor family information.
Folder 4
n.d. Biographical sketch by Dr. Warner L. Baylor.
n.d. Lewis family genealogical material.
n.d. Baylor family genealogical material.
n.d. Frére family genealogical material. Includes a copy of August 12, 1795 letter from I. Frére to Mrs. Baylor.
n.d. Lewis family (Gloucester County, VA).
n.d. Baylor family genealogical chart.
n.d. Baylor family genealogical chart.