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William Ashley certificate of freedom and estate papers(1845–1915)

  • MS 2009.9
  • 3 items

This collection includes the certificate of freedom for William Ashley, 1823–1913, issued by the Queen Anne’s County, Maryland Court. It certifies that Ashley was free-born in Queen Anne’s County according to the oath of Joseph D. Anthony. It gives a physical description of Ashley noting his age, complection, height, and scarring. The certificate is signed by John Tilghman as clerk of the court, dated 22 May 1845, and contains the court’s seal which is attached by a pink ribbon.

Also included are two powers of attorney concerning the estate of William Ashley. Both are signed by Harriet A. Ashley, William J. Ashley, and Mary J. Boyer, and authorized by B. Frank Hobensack, justice of the peace for Ivyland, Pennsylvania. They both give the power to act as agent for collecting rents or conducting other business of Ashley’s estate.

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