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CW Journal : Autumn 03 : Williamsburg in Winter: Photography by Barbara Lombardi

Williamsburg in Winter

Photography by Barbara Lombardi

Winter in Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg photographer Barbara Lombardi captured the images of a Historic Area snowfall displayed on these pages. Rendered in blacks, grays, and whites, her illustrations play light against shadow to bring to scenes of quiet and repose the tensions and textures of winter's artistry. Mantled by the memory of the silent storm, fence rails, tree limbs, and walkways frame soft and sparkling views of the Cabinetmaking Shop, homes and stores, the Magazine, outbuildings, and costumed interpreters cloaked against the cold.

The Cabinetmaking Shop huddles against mounds of snow, from the ground to tree tops. The pyramidal roof of a GovernorÍs Palace outbuilding, top right, is blanketed by shining snow and wreathed in afternoon shadows.

A cleared pathway beckons all to walk and enjoy the sights of the snow-covered Historic Area.

On this winter day, the Magazine is secured by snow and by chevaux-de-frise, casting patterns on the ground.

The cloaks of a pair of capped interpreters guard against the cold as the women sweep along a cleared brick sidewalk.

The windmill warms its back in the late day sun, the winter air chilling the drafty old place to its vanes.

The Governor's Palace elegantly stands in the background, surrounded by light and shadows.

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