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Virginia (cont'd) to Virginia Baptist association

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  • +Virginia,
    • See also: Accidents in; Admiralty court in; Almanac published in; American revolution, support urged in; Ammunition, imported to; Arms, collection of in; Arms, return to magazine ordered in; Arms for British army in; Arms manufacture, encouraged in; Arms needed by British army in; Arms ordered for; Association of 1774, pamphlets against in; Association of 1774, regulations for enforcement proposed in; Assault, regulation in; Association of 1774, violation denied in; Association of 1774, violations punished in; Association of 1774 opposed in; Association of 1774 supported in; Association of 1774 violated in; Associations in; Bacon, amount purchased by commissary in; Bacon, price of in; Bacon for Continental army, collector appointed for in; Bail, information on sought in; Bail, legality defended in; Bail, legality questioned in; Banks, establishment of recommended in; Baptists in; Beef, amount purchased by commissary in; Beef, for Continental army, collector appointed for in; Beef, price of in; Bills of credit, issued in; Bills of exchange on; Blankets collected in; Boats, described, built in; Boats built in; Books imported to; Books published in; Boston port bill opposed in; Boston port bill protested in; Boston port bill, relief from by; Boundary disputes; Boundary disputes, Ind.; Boundary disputes, Ky.; Boundary lines drawn; Bounties for reenlistments in Continental army offered by; Bounties in; Bread scarce in; Bribery, opposed in; Bridges, repair regulated in; Bridges in; British army, cruelty critized in; British army, deserters from in; British army, plunders in; British army, robberies by in; British army expected in; British army from St. Augustine, Fla., to; British army in; British army movements in; British army reinforced in; British army requested in; British army to; British army uses gashed bullets in; British colonial policy opposed in; British colonies, N. Am., conciliation refused in; British colonies, N. Am., independence supported in; British colonies, N. Am., opposed in; British colonies, N. Am., rights of upheld in; British colonies, N. Am., unity of urged in; British constitution, praised in; British ministry criticized in; British navy, accused of piracy in; British navy, deserters from in; British navy, provisions for in; British navy driven ashore from N. J. to; British navy to; British navy to Portsmouth, Eng., from; Carriages, gun, needed by Brit. army in; Cartridge paper, needed by Brit. army in; Catawbas' lands encroached upon in; Cattle for Continental army requested in; Census of; Charity for soldiers' families in; Charity in; Cherokees' lands encroached upon in; Cherokees sell lands in; Children attacked by British in; Choctaws' raids in; Church of England in; Churches in; Citrons, grown in; Clergy, Anglican, in; Clergy, benefit of; Clergy, Dissenters, praised in; Clergy, Dissenters, qualifications belittled in; Cloth, boycott on urged in; Cloth manufacture encouraged in; Clothing, for Brit. army in; Clothing manufactures, support urged in; Coaches undersold in; Cock matches in; Coercive acts opposed in; Collegians in; Colonial agents for; Comets in; Commissaries, Continental, in; Consuls, French, in; Continental army, cadets to, from; Continental army, drafting for in; Continental army, false reports of in; Continental army, recruiting for in; Continental army, volunteers for from; Continental army to Boston, Mass., from; Continental army to Phila., Pa. from; Continental congress, first, supported in; Convention army, provisions for in; Convict servants, number in; Convict servants exported from London, Eng., to; Convict servants imported to; Convoys by Brit. navy to; Convoys by Continental navy to; Convoys by Va. ships off; Copper money allowed in; Copper money regulated in; Cordage purchased by British in; Corn, Indian, for relief of Boston, Mass., from; Corn, Indian, import to Liverpool, Eng., from; Corn, Indian, plentiful in; Cotton, imported to; Cotton manufacture considered in; Counterfeiting, imprisonment for in; Counterfeiting, punishment for in; Counterfeiting, trials for in; Counterfeiting of paper money prevented in; Counterfeiting regulations against in; Courts martial in; Crops damaged by caterpillars in; Crops plentiful in; Crows, killing of regulated in; Customs commissioners opposed in; Debtors, prison maintenance in; Debts, collection of in; Debts, book, discussed in; Declaration of Independence, urged in; Deer, breed preserved in; Deism in; Deists denounced in; Delawares' raids in; Deserters advertised for in; Deserters protected in; Desertions denied in; Dissenters in; Drafting, for Brit. army in; Droughts in; Drownings in; Dry goods, market for in; Dunkards in; Duties; Dwelling houses in; Eclipses, solar, in; Eclipses, visibility in; Education, encouragement advocated in; Education, improvement in; Embargoes; Emigration from; Emigration from Eng. to; Emigration from Ire. to; Emigration from Italy to; Emigration from Scot. to; Engrossers prevented in Va.; Engrossers prohibited in; Episcopate, American, discussed in; Episcopate, American, opposed in; Episcopate, American, supported in; Essays in support of Scots in; Essays on religious toleration in; Essays on storms in; Essays on transit of Venus in; Estates, management of in; Excise taxes opposed in; Excise taxes recommended in; Executions for murder in; Executions for Toryism in; Exports from; Exports from Eng. to; Exports from Fr. to; Exports from Gt. Brit. to; Exports from Hull, Eng., to; Exports from London, Eng., to; Exports from Scot. to; Factors, British, in; Factors in; Farmer's letters praised in; Fast day in; Ferries established in; Ferries in; Fieldpieces needed by British army in; Fire ships, use of against Brit. in; Fisheries, whale, off; Floods in; Flour, amount purchased by commissary in; Flour, export from; Flour, price of in; Flour inspection in; Flux, cure for invented in; Food, for Brit. army in; Food, plentiful in; Forestallers prevented in; Free trade demanded in; Freedom of press discussed in; Freedom of the press established in; Freedom of press satirized in; Freedom of press supported in; French sailors riot in; Fruit ordered for; Funerals described in; Furnaces in; Furniture burned by British in; Gambling opposed in; George III plans Cherokee attack on; Georgia battalions, recruiting for in; Georgia battalions recruited in; Georgia troops, recruiting for in; Gingham, imported to; Ginseng root discovered in; Glass boycotted in; Glorious revolution, supported in; Grain, export from; Grain, importance to; Grain, preservation methods discovered in; Grapes, grown in; Gunpowder destroyed by Amer. in; Gunpowder, for Brit. army in; Gunpowder carried from; Gunpowder imported to; Gunpowder manufacture encouraged in; Gunpowder manufacture in; Gunpowder plentiful in; Gunpowder subscribed for in; Guns collected in; Hail in; Hemp, importance to; Herring in; Hogs, killing justified in; Horse-racing in; Horses undersold in; Horsestealers in; Hospitals, Continental, in; Hospitals for insane, need for in; Household goods undersold in; Houses burned by Brit. in; Huguenots emigrate from Fr. to; Hunting regulated in; Hurricanes in; Immigration to; Immigration to Mississippi from; Imports to; Imports to Bristol, Eng., from; Imports to Charleston, S. C., from; Imports to Dunkirk, Fr., from; Imports to Gt. Brit. from; Imports to Hull, Eng., from; Imports to Liverpool, Eng., from; Imports to Scotland from; Indentured servants arrive in; Indentured servants imported to; Indian attacks, preparation for in; Indian lands ceded to; Indian lands purchased by; Indians, relations with; Indians, scalping by in; Indians, women exempted from paying levies in; Indians in; Insurance office recommended in; Irish in; Iron works in; Jails; Juries in; Kidnapping by Iroquois in; Lambs, killing restricted in; Land, entailed, docked in; Land, taxes on in; Land grants, regulations of in; Land grants, royal control questioned in; Land leased in; Land office in; Lawsuits in; Lead mines in; Lemons, grown in; Letters, breaking open criticized; Letters of Tories, captured in; Licenses, marriage, discontinuance suggested in; Licenses, marriage evaded in; Licenses on ordinaries in; Liquor, duty on in; Livestock, enclosure urged in; Livestock burned by British in; Loan offices in; London, Eng., livery, petition discussed in; Lotteries, U. S., tickets for sale in; Lumber, export from; Lumber houses destroyed in; Luxury criticized in; Manufactures, encouragement urged in; Marriage service adopted by Baptists in; Massachusetts justice act opposed in; Measures, standard, in; Medical colleges in; Medical science, essay on contagious diseases in; Merchandise returned from; Merchandise returned from Africa to; Merchandise returned from Guinea, Africa, to; Merchandise returned from London, Eng. to; Merchandise returned from W. I. to; Merchants, British, in; Merchants, profits criticized in; Merchants, Scottish, trading in; Merchants and traders in; Merchants in; Military defense acts in; Militia, drafting recommended in; Militia of; Military training in; Mills in; Mines in; Ministers in; Minute battalions of; Minutemen of; Money, account taken in; Money, Continental, act (text) to evaluate in; Money, Continental, counterfeiting of punished in; Money, Continental, value of discussed in; Money, increase in; Money, issue in; Money, needed by British army in; Money, paper, act (text) to evaluate in; Money, paper, depreciation discussed in; Money, paper, depreciation in; Money, paper, discussed in; Money, paper, in; Money, paper, redeemed in; Money scarce in; Mortars, invented in; Mulattoes, enlistment regulated in; Mullattoes, free, women exempted from paying levies in; Murders by Cherokees in; Murders of Indians in; Murders by slaves in; Nail manufacture by slaves in; Naval officers in; Naval stores, captured by British near; Navigation acts called tyrannical in; Navigation acts violated by; Needle manufacture by slaves in; Negro insurrections feared in; Negro insurrections threatened in; Negroes, enlistment regulated in; Negroes, free, women exempted from paying levies in; New York general assembly opposed in; Newspapers, British, propaganda in; Newspapers of; Non-exportation agreements opposed in; Non-exportation agreements supported in; Non-importation agreements, support urged in; Non-importation agreements, violators punished in; Non-importation agreements belittled in; Non-importation agreements in; Non-importation agreements opposed in; Non-importation agreements relaxed in; Non-importation agreements supported in; Non-importation agreements violated in; North Carolina troops aid; North Carolina troops thanked for aid by; Oaths of allegiance in; Oats plentiful in; Olives grown in; Oranges grown in; Outlaws in; Paints boycotted in; Paper, price high in; Paper boycotted in; Paper scarce in; Pardons for counterfeiting in; Parliament, supremacy opposed in; Peace commissioners opposed in; Peas plentiful in; Physicians in; Pillories for using stamped paper in; Pilot boats built in; Pilots regulated in; Planters in; Plate undersold in; Poetry published in; Poll taxes in; Poll taxes proposed; Pork, amount purchased by commissary in; Pork, price of in; Potash manufacture encouraged in; Powder mills in; Presbyterians, establishment of academies by opposed in Va.; Presbyterians in; Presbyterians quarrel with Anglicans in; Price control for salt proposed in; Price control in; Prices, rise forced in; Prices high in; Printing types, lost, adv. for in; Prisoners escape to; Prisoners of war, Amer., exchange discussed in; Prisoners of war, British, exchange discussed in; Prisoners of war, British, ordered to Phila., Pa., from; Prisoners of war, British, supplies for in; Prisoners of war, British, taken in; Prisoners of war, exchange discussed in; Prisoners of war, exchange proposed in; Prisoners of war, exchange requested in; Prisoner of war, Tories, taken in; Privateers, American, in; Privateers, British, in; Proclamation of 1763 violated in; Propaganda, British, in; Provisions for British in; Provisions scarce in; Quakers in; Quakers tolerated in; Quarantines, regulation of in; Quarantines for servant ships in; Quarantines required in; Quartering of troops opposed; Quebec act opposed in; Quitrents, payment requested in; Quitrents in; Rape, accusations of in; Recruiting for British army in; Recruiting for Continental army in; Recruiting for Ga. troops in; Recruiting for Royal American regiment in; Recruiting officers in; Recruiting officers of; Religious toleration, act against opposed in; Religious toleration, act for opposed in; Religious toleration, act for supported in; Religious toleration advocated in; Religious toleration discussed in; Religious toleration for Presbyterians in; Religious toleration for Quakers in; Religious toleration in; Religious toleration opposed in; Religious toleration supported in; Restraining act, enforced in; Revolutionary war, support urged in; Revolutionary war opposed in; Revolutionary war upheld in; Riots, arrests for in; Rivers, clearing provided in; Roads, repair regulated in; Roads poor in; Rum, price high in; Sailors, adv. for in; Sailors regulated in; Salt, amount purchased by commissary in; Salt, making of in; Salt, price in; Salt import to; Salt manufacture, public operation of in; Salt manufacture discussed in; Salt manufacture encouraged in; Salt manufacture in; Salt scarce in; Salt thrown away in; Salt works, act (text) for encouraging in; Saltpetre, amount manufactured in; Saltpetre discovered in; Saltpetre manufacture encouraged in; Saltpetre manufacture in; Schools, grammar, need for in; Schools, need for in; Scotch Irish immigration to; Scottish settlements in; Scots, prejudice against opposed in; Scots defended in; Scots in; Scots opposed in; Shawnees' raids in; Sheep stolen in; Ship tonnage, duties on in; Shipping encouraged in; Ships, American, purchased by; Ships, American, purchased by British in; Ships, American, recaptured in; Ships, Boston, in; Ships, British, captured by; Ships, British, captured by Americans in; Ships, described, built in; Ships built in; Ships driven ashore by flood in; Ships from; Ships from Glasgow, Scot., to; Ships from Phila., Pa., to; Ships from R. I. to; Ships from St. Vincent is., W. I., to; Ships of; Ships' sailing time; Ships sale to British forbidden in; Ships taken in; Ships to; Ships to Boston, Mass., from; Ships to Bristol, Eng., from; Ships to Deal, Eng., from; Ships to Dover, Eng., from; Ships to Gravesend, Eng., from; Ships to Holy Head, Eng., from; Ships to Liverpool, Eng., from; Ships to Phila., Pa., from; Ships to Weymouth, Eng., from; Shoes, as payment for pork in; Silk manufacture considered in; Silkworms, breeding encouraged in; Silkworms raised in; Slave insurrections incited by British in; Slaves, arming of suggested in; Slaves, burned in hand for stealing in; Slaves, cruelty to in; Slaves, duty on in; Slaves, executed for Toryism in; Slaves, treatment of in; Slaves exported from; Slaves exported from Antigua, W. I., to; Slaves frostbitten in jail, damages allowed in; Slaves imported to; Slaves in British army in; Slaves in British army, punishment of in; Slaves join British in; Slaves killed building mill-dam in; Slaves offered freedom in; Slaves sold from; Slaves sold from N. C. to; Slaves sold from S. C. to; Slaves taken by British in; Slaves trials in; Slaves undersold in; Smallpox inoculation upheld in; Smuggling between; Smuggling to; Society for propagating useful knowledge in; Sons of Liberty in; S. C. troops, recruiting for in; Springs, medicinal, in; Squirrels, killing regulated in; Stamp act, Association against in; Stamp act, distributors opposed in; Stamp act, distributors resigned in; Stamp act discussed in; Stamp act opposed in; Stamp act opposition defended; Statues to British patriots proposed in; Stewards whipped by slaves in; Storekeepers, British, ordered to leave; Stores, general in; Storms in; Sturgeon in; Sulphur manufacture, encouraged in; Sulphur refining encouraged in; Surveyors, duties regulated in; Surveyors' instruments invented in; Taverns in; Tax collectors ordered to pay taxes in; Tax commissioners, report requested in; Taxation of colonies opposed in; Taxes, inequality of discussed in; Taxes in; Taxes in arrears collected in; Taxes levied in; Tea boycotted in; Tea importation discussed in; Tea importation to colonies supported in; Thanksgiving day appointed in; Thanksgiving day observed in; Threshing mills in; Timber in; Tithables, basis of determining in; Tithables in; Tobacco, damaged in; Tobacco, export from; Tobacco, fixed price proposed in; Tobacco, history of in; Tobacco, increased cultivation favored in; Tobacco, price high in; Tobacco, price low in; Tobacco, selling of in; Tobacco, transportation cost in; Tobacco commissioners appointed in; Tobacco inspection established; Tobacco inspectors in; Tobacco inspectors ordered to pay taxes in; Tobacco planting discontinued in; Tobacco plentiful in; Tobacco profits decrease in; Tobacco raising discontinued in; Tobacco staple amended in; Tobacco trade, plans for increasing planters profits in; Tobacco trade between Fr. and; Toleration act, enforcement of in; Tories, accusations denied in; Tories, accusations discussed in; Tories, murders by in; Tories, number of in; Tories, punishment of in; Tories, punishment regulated in; Tories, satires on in; Tories, treatment of in; Tories banished from; Tories criticized in; Tories defeated in; Tories in; Tories in British colonies, N. Am., opposed in; Tories opposed in; Tories ordered to leave; Tories to N. Y. from; Townshend acts opposed in; Townshend acts repeal announced in; Trade, American-West Indies, opposed in; Trade, British-American, opposed in; Trade, Irish-American, opposed in; Trade in; Transportation to colonies opposed in; Treason defined in; Treasury notes; Trials transfer to Eng. opposed in; Triplets in; Tying to carts for using stamped paper in; Vagrants in; Vendues, public, prevented in; Vestries in; Vineyards in; Virginia resolves praised in; Warehouses, public, in; Warehouses in; Weather reports in; Welsh in; Wheat, amount purchased by commissary in; Wheat, condition of crop in; Wheat, export from; Wheat, for relief of Boston, Mass., from; Wheat, price of in; Wheat grown in; Wheat in; Wheat plentiful in; Wine, making of encouraged; Wine for convention army in; Wine ordered for, Wolves, killing rewarded in; Women, attack on in; Women, fickle character of in; Women in; Women seized by British in; Wood scarce in; Woolen manufacture considered in; Woolen manufacture encouraged in; Woolen manufacture in; Writs regulated in
  • +Virginia, frigate,
  • +Virginia Americanius,
  • +Virginia and Maryland coffeehouse in Cornhill,
  • +Virginia army,
    • See: Provisions, (general and specific); Recruiting officers; Virginia troops; and under names of units
  • +Virginia artillery,
  • +Virginia artillery battalion,
  • +Virginia artillery company,
  • +Virginia Baptist association,