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1966 photo of Charlton House excavations. (Archaeological Excavations at the Charlton House Site, Williamsburg, Virginia, 2004)

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A wide array of research reports from throughout the Foundation's history are available through this webpage. All Colonial Williamsburg research reports, whether in digital or hardcopy format, are discoverable through the Library's online catalog. Many of the digitized reports are keyword searchable by using the "Word or phrase" search below. Their contents reflect the evolution of scholarship over the decades. Given the long period over which these reports have been written, reports sometimes contradict or correct previous thinking due to the discovery of new evidence. Researchers should consult the full range of reports on a particular topic to ensure a thorough understanding of the most current interpretation.

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Types of Reports

  • Archaeological reports describe archaeological excavations. Reports predating 1960 share only the results of cross-trenching, rather than comprehensive excavation results.
  • Architectural reports discuss restored and reconstructed buildings.
  • Historical reports (house histories) incorporate primary and secondary sources into the discussion of individual properties and structures.
  • Interpretive reports clarify the way in which key buildings should be presented to visitors by Colonial Williamsburg's historical interpreters.
  • Topical reports outline specific areas of interest in 18th-century research.